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Accreditation, Recognition and Approvals

We at Compass are constantly asked about recognition and accreditation of our courses.

We have worked hard at establishing a quality service delivering quality courses in a way that satisfies the rigorous standards applied by a number of independent bodies.
These independent bodies range from the professional to the academic and many are under the control of government departments and offices.

We believe that our list of organisations that approve or recognise Compass and its courses is unrivalled in the private provision of animal related courses.


NCFE is a national Awarding Organisation, passionate about designing, developing and certificating diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards. These qualifications contribute to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals. Last year alone, over 340,000 learners from over 2,000 colleges, schools and training organisations chose NCFE as the Awarding Organisation to help them move their careers forward.


The EADL is the European association of schools, institutions and individuals working in correspondence and distance education. With members from over 20 European countries, the Association is a representative forum for the exchange of information and ideas on current practice and developments in the expanding field of distance learning. Nearly all member states of the European Community are represented in the EADL. But the EADL has also members in Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey. With 5,000 different courses the members of the EADL work with more than 2,5 million students all over Europe.

The Zoological Society of London

We are pleased to announce that the ZSL will accept Compass students' applications for Student Fellowship of their organisation (application forms are sent out as part of the registration process). Apart from an extensive list of benefits to individuals we feel that it is an honour to have been allowed such an arrangement which permits us to promote and support the conservation and research work that is carried out by such an esteemed organisation.

Skills Development (Scotland)

In direct support of the Scottish Executive's Lifelong Learning Strategy, the mission of learndirect scotland is to help individuals and small businesses across Scotland to realise their potential through learning, at a time, place, pace and style that suits their needs.
Working closely with key partners, we seek to enhance the skills and employability of individuals and the competitiveness of companies, by encouraging disadvantaged and disaffected people back into learning to improve their personal and work-related skills and by helping small businesses to access training and development opportunities for their staff.

ILA Scotland

If you are over 18 and living in Scotland, you could get up to £200 towards the cost of learning new skills with an individual learning account from ILA Scotland.
ILA Scotland is a Scottish Executive scheme which helps you pay for learning that you can do at a time, place, pace and in a way to suit you. Compass has been approved to accept ILAs in payment for its courses

Equality Register

Compass is a member of the Equality Register, our unique number is 4784. Local authorities and other Public Sector Organisations have a duty to ensure that their suppliers and sub-contractors have appropriate equality policies and practises in place. The Equality Register is managed on behalf of the Association of Equality Scheme Providers (AESP) and are able to verify and update an organisation's equality status on The Equality Register and are able to issue Accreditation and Certificates which confirm and that an organisation's policies and practices meet the AESP National Equality Framework (NEF) standard requirements.


Compass is listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) which is a project led by the Government's Department for Education and Skills.

The Canine Behaviour & Training Society.

As a result of our mutually compatible interests in promoting highly qualified (practically and academically), professional and ethical canine behaviour advisors Compass is pleased to announce a formal association with the TCBTS (formerly UKRCB). The TCBTS (formerly UKRCB), founded in 1992 is a professional body of canine behaviour therapists with members practising throughout Great Britain and a selected number of international members. It comprises a nationwide network of canine behaviour advisors who offer a comprehensive referral service to veterinary surgeons and their clients for owners of dogs with behaviour problems.
The TCBTS (formerly UKRCB), recommended by the Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) has a real commitment to education and promoting responsible dog ownership.
Membership is open to practising canine behaviour advisors who meet the criteria and high standards set by the UKRCB. For further information please apply in writing to: Patricia White, Secretary UKRCB, 53A Oxford Gardens, London W10 5UJ; email ; web:

The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

As a result of our mutually compatible interests in promoting highly qualified, ethical animal behaviour advisors, Compass and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants are pleased to announce the approval of continuing education units now being awarded for select Compass courses and classes. The IAABC is a professional association for the field of animal behaviour consulting. The association represents the professional interests of behaviour consultants throughout the world. It is involved with the problems, needs and changing patterns of animal-owner relationships, and helps to ensure that trained practitioners meet the public's needs.
The association's members meet standards for education and training and are held to the highest ethical standards of the profession. Certified members qualify in one or more species-specific divisions, working with dogs, cats, horses, and/or parrots. Associate members are consultants in practice, on the path to Certified membership.

National Search and Rescue Dog Association

The National Search and Rescue Dog Association is the organisation that provides a point of contact for all the regional SARDAs around the country.
Compass is operating in partnership with and supports the work of NSARDA, it runs a specially developed diploma course for SAR dog handlers and heavily subsidises the students.

International Society of Animal Professionals

ISAP ( is a professional community of people working with animals around the world with a common interest of sharing knowledge and experiences. They also accredit all Compass courses and are able to award appropriate Certificates and Diplomas to those registered as Student Members. Many Compass courses qualify students to apply for Associate or Full membership on successful completion of their studies.


The Institute for Animal Care Education exists to promote education within the animal care industry. It was founded in 1996 and promotes a range of courses for the industry.
The Institute fulfils the requirement for a body within the animal care sector which is focussed on the education and welfare needs of the industry. The executive council also agrees the appointment of a panel whose role is to agree codes of practice and standards within organisations delivering courses as well as appointing external verifiers to ensure that those animal welfare and educational standards are maintained. All courses recognised by the Institute that are outside the National Framework (privately provided) are certificated by them.

All Compass Education Ltd courses are written by industry experts and provided exclusively in the UK by Compass, they are not available anywhere else. Courses are unique to Compass and accredited by Ofqual regulated Awarding Bodies and/or Industry Professional Bodies as indicated in each course description. In common with the overwhelming majority of private educational provision in this sector they do not appear on the QCF or SCQF.

Did you know...?

Below are some interesting facts and figures about Compass Education and Training.

Students and courses

  • Since we started in 1999 with one course and two people doing everything we have registered over 7,650 students.
  • We anticipate receiving our 8,000th registration this year.
  • We now enrol over 1,000 students a year.
  • We currently have 77 courses, 31 of which are dog courses.
  • Around 80% of registrations are for dog courses meaning over 800 people each year study dogs with us.
  • We have had students from 43 different countries worldwide.
  • Our youngest student was 9 years old, our oldest was 84 years old.
  • Students funded by Scottish government and other grants has totalled in excess of £25,000 worth of education in the last three years plus Compass has wholly funded around £6,000 worth of courses to rehabilitation of offender programmes.

Animal welfare

We have rescued, cared for and released a range of injured wildlife and keep ex-battery hens (now free range). Amongst those that have been in our care are:

  • 4 Buzzards
  • 1 Barn owl
  • 1 Tawny owl
  • 4 Ferrets
  • 1 Hedgehog
  • 1 Crow
  • 1 Rook
  • 1 Heron
  • 1 Swan
  • Several Mallards
  • 1 Herring Gull
  • Several Rabbits
  • Several Guinea Pigs
  • Several Rats

We also keep eight dogs, for four this is not their first home.


  • On our land we have set aside 12 acres for wildlife habitat and have planted over 1,000 conifer and broadleaf trees.
  • All of our printed course notes are on 100% recycled paper.

Charitable work

  • Donations and uncharged work for charitable animal welfare causes amounts to around £6,000 each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some simple answers to common questions we come across.

Who will help guide my studying?

When you register, you will be allocated a personal tutor whose job is to mark your work and to provide academic support and guidance if required. He or she will be available for one-to-one support and to answer queries by phone or e-mail if you get stuck. All our tutors are experts in their fields and many also have teaching qualifications and experience.

Can I get a hard copy (posted) version of this course?

No problem. We have been supplying printed courses via post for more than a decade. Click here to contact us for details.

Can I pay in installments?

Sure. If you choose to pay in full for the e-version you can register and order online today using our secure online payment option above, but if you wish to spread the cost you can pay for each module as you complete them.
For all payment options, get the prices and complete the process by contacting us.

If I buy more than one course, do I get a discount?

Yes, ordering more than one course can lead to discounts, so click here to contact us for details.

Why are some of the courses so much cheaper than some of the competitors?

At Compass we do not believe in excessive profits, you pay an excellent price for an excellent service, no more, no less. Our primary aim is to educate our students in subjects relating to animal welfare not to pay ourselves inflated salaries. Additionally there are no accommodation costs to cover as all the courses are conducted in your own home.

When do the courses start?

There are no specific start dates as each student progresses at their own pace. You should be starting your studies within two weeks of payment.

Are there any exams?

No. Compass Education and Training, our assessments are based entirely on your coursework

How do the courses run?

We make every effort to get students started within one working day of registration, whether paying by the module or for the whole course you will only receive one module at a time. Each subsequent module that has been paid for will be sent with, or as soon as possible after, the module that is being returned with tutor feedback and marking.

How long do the courses take?

Every module is written to be completed comfortably in 4-6 weeks by most students. This means that a 6 module course should take between 6 and 9 months to complete. We allow a generous 6 months per module which is extendable on request but if we do not hear from you your record is archived and we may charge a re-registration fee in order to get started again.

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