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Search and Rescue Dog Handler Canine Studies Stage 3
Search and Rescue Dog Handler Canine Studies Diploma

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This stage introduces the student to the wider subject of canine behaviour, particularly those aspects that will have an impact on the training and handling of search and rescue dogs. The final module will tie in with the practical training that is provided by regional associations.

Course Modules
3.1 Ways of Explaining Canine Behaviour
  • The effect of biology on behaviour - inheritance of genes
  • The possible effects of diet and hormones on behaviour
  • Learning and behaviour, including associative learning
  • Canine emotions and intelligence
  • Canine instincts and their influence on behaviour
3.2 Canine Learning
  • The nature- nurture debate and the Environmental influences on behaviour
  • What is learning? An introduction to learning theories
  • Critical and sensitive periods for learning
  • The different ways dogs learn
  • Classical and operant conditioning
  • Types of reinforcement, negative and positive, and primary and secondary
  • The importance of play for learning
  • Maladaptive learning
  • Insight learning and habituation
3.3 Dog Training
  • The reasons for training dogs
  • The dog's senses - hearing, sight, smell, touch and how they relate to training
  • The different schedules of reinforcement and how they might be used
  • Benefits of positive reinforcement, and choosing suitable rewards
  • Putting theory into practice in a variety of situations, such as house training, recall, teaching a dog to sit, walking to heel
  • Dealing with problems and finding solutions
  • Clicker training
  • The role of training classes and obedience training
3.4 The Nature of scent

  • The Nature of Scent
  • How are odours created
  • Skin sweat and micro-organisms
  • Putrefaction
  • Environmental factors, weather and terrain
  • Tracking, trailing and air scenting

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