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Search and Rescue Dog Handler Canine Studies Stage 2
Search and Rescue Dog Handler Canine Studies Diploma

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This stage is designed to build on the foundation understanding gained in stage 1, it will lead the student into a greater awareness of canine communication and prepare them for the final stage of the course.

Course Modules
2.1 Visual Communication (sight)
  • Canine eyesight, and how dogs use their eyes to communicate by blinking or staring.
  • Ears and their positions, what this body language means.
  • Neck and throat postures
  • Hackles
  • The tail positions and how to recognise what these might mean
  • Leg movements and their meanings
  • Greeting rituals
2.2 Acoustic Communication (hearing)
  • Why dogs communicate using sound
  • The dog's hearing ability
  • Barking, and the different meanings associated with different types of bark.
  • Growling and the different meanings associated with it
  • Other types of auditory communication such as snarling and howling, baying, whimpering, whining and screaming
  • Other acoustic sounds such as panting and sighing
  • Humans misunderstanding dogs and dogs misunderstanding humans
2.3 Olfactory Communication (smell and taste)
  • The four means of leaving a scent in order to communicate, saliva, urine, faeces and anal gland secretions.
  • The anatomy and physiology of the canine sense of smell
  • The different messages left by dogs
  • The reasons why dogs roll in strong smelling substances
2.4 Tactile Communication (touch)
  • Meet, greet and licking as a form of communication
  • Lip smacking
  • Teat nudging
  • Kneading
  • Muzzle nudge and nose to throat nudge
  • Muzzle grasp
  • Hip nudging
  • Thrusting
  • The meanings of the above tactile messages

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