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Primatology - Diploma
Primatology - Diploma

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This course is designed to introduce students to the primates of the world, their evolution, their make-up and habitats. It aims to equip participants with a solid grounding in primate studies and is favourably received by the anthropology department of Oxford Brookes University.

Course Modules
1. What is a Primate?
  • Mammals and their characteristics
  • The classification of the primates
  • The distinction between New World and Old World primates
  • The distribution of the primates
  • The senses and how they are used
  • The diet of primates
  • Introduction to primate behaviour
2. The Apes (part 1)
  • The gibbons and their characteristics
  • Conservation issues related to gibbons
  • Diet
  • Reproduction
  • Communication between gibbons
  • The orang utan and its behaviour, including group dynamics
3. The Apes (part 2)
  • The great apes - chimpanzees and gorillas
  • The distribution of the different subspecies of gorillas and chimpanzees
  • Locomotion
  • Habitat and diet
  • Group dynamics and social behaviour, including communication between individuals
  • Reproduction
  • Protection, captivity and conservation
  • Cultural transmission and learning in chimpanzees
4. Old World Monkeys
  • The location of the old world and distribution of the monkeys
  • The anatomical characteristics of old world monkeys
  • An introduction to some of the old world monkeys ; Cercopithecinae, macaques, baboons, guenons, Colobinae, langurs
5. New World Monkeys
  • The location of the new world and distribution of the monkeys
  • The differences between Old and New World monkeys and their characteristics
  • The Callitrichidae and the Cebidae groups and the species within them, for example marmosets, tamarinds, capuchins
  • Howler monkeys and their communication
6. Lorises, Lemurs and Tarsiers
  • An introduction to the prosimians
  • The lorises and bushbabies and their characteristics
  • The lemurs and their unique characteristics due to evolution in isolation from other primates
  • The tarsiers and their characteristics
  • The tree-shrews and their similarities to primates

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