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Marine Zoology (part 2) - Diploma
Marine Zoology Diploma (part 2)

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This is the second of two courses that total twelve modules on the subject of marine animal life. This part of the course adds to some of the subject matter covered in modules 2 and 3 of part 1 and continues with this enormous subject.

Successful completion of both parts will result in the award of the coveted Advanced Diploma in Marine Zoology although individual courses will still be certified.

Course Modules

1. Fish (part 2)

  • Fish anatomy and physiology
  • Defence mechanisms
  • Methods of feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Reproduction
  • The brains and senses of fish
  • A look at the intelligence of fish
2. Marine Mammals (part 2)
  • Classification of marine mammals
  • Manatees and dugongs - characteristics, habitat, conservation
  • Pinnipeds - the seals, sea lions and walrus and threats to their survival
  • Sea otters
  • Polar bears
  • Adaptations of mammals to the marine environment
  • The effects of climate change on the marine mammals
3. Marine Molluscs
  • Classification of the molluscs
  • History and evolution
  • Reproductive strategies
  • The different types of mollusc, comparisons and similarities
  • Squid, octopus and cuttlefish and their reproductive and hunting strategies
  • The intelligence of cephalopods
4. Seabirds
  • The history of birds, and their evolution and classification
  • Adaptations to the aquatic environment
  • The range and distribution of seabirds
  • Feeding strategies
  • Breeding and reproduction
  • Methods of flight
5. Starfish, Urchins and Worms
  • Classification of the echinoderms, the starfish and urchins
  • General characteristics
  • Reproduction of echinoderms
  • The marine worms, and their characteristics and classification
  • The reproduction of worms
6. Marine Ecology
  • What is ecology?
  • The marine biome and marine ecosystems
  • Classification of marine organisms
  • Feeding strategies, and food webs
  • Ecosystem stability and threats to the marine environment
  • Kelp forests and mangroves
  • Deep sea ecosystems and hydrothermal vents
  • The human impact on the marine environment
  • Conservation issues

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