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Introduction to Ecology - Diploma
Introduction to Ecology - Diploma

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This course moves away from studies that are purely focussed on animals to look at the environments that support them. Animals will inevitably feature as they have an impact on the environment in the same way that the environment affects animal individuals and populations.

Course Modules

1. What is Ecology
  • What is classification?
  • Classification as a library
  • The Kingdoms of Life
  • The Kingdom Monera
  • The Kingdom Protista
  • The Kingdom Fungi
  • The Kingdom Plantae
  • The Kingdom Animalia
  • What is ecology?
  • Getting started in ecology
  • Recording your observations
  • The Environment
  • Ecosystems
2. The Balance of Nature
  • What is meant by 'the balance of nature'?
  • The Carrying Capacity of an Ecosystem
  • Limiting Factors
  • Light as a limiting factor
  • Water as a limiting factor
  • Wind and water movements as limiting factors
  • Soil as a limiting factor
  • Temperature as limiting factor
  • The Biosphere
3. Biomes of the World
  • Introduction to Biomes
  • Deciduous forest
  • Coniferous forest
  • Tundra
  • Grasslands
  • Desert
  • Tropical forest
  • Woodland and Chaparral
  • Savannah
4. Communities
  • Adaptation
  • Types of adaptations
  • Populations and communities
  • Ectones
  • Interactions within a community
  • Symbiotic relationships between plants and animals
  • Change and succession
  • Population size
  • Extinction
  • How vulnerable are living things?
5. Habitats and Niches
  • What is a 'habitat'?
  • Selecting a habitat
  • Maintaining and improving habitats
  • What is a'niche'?
  • Food chains
  • Structure of a food chain
  • The main steps in a typical food chain
  • Heat loss through a food chain
  • Pyramids of biomass
  • Food webs
  • A simple food web
  • Various food webs
6. Biogeochemical Cycles Made Easy
  • The term 'biogeochemical'
  • The rain cycle
  • The nitrogen cycle
  • Passage of nitrates from soil to animals
  • Manuring
  • Crop rotation
  • The mineral cycle
  • The carbon cycle
  • The problem with insecticides
  • Rhythms, clocks and other cycles
  • Tides
  • How tides are generated

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