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Feline Behaviour - Certificate
Feline Behaviour - Certificate

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As with the canine equivalent this course provides a lead into the feline behaviour and psychology course.

Course Modules
1. The Cat's Development
  • What is psychology? What is behaviour?
  • Evolution of the cat, and domestication
  • Social behaviour of cats
  • Development of the cat from kittenhood to maturity
  • The differences between altricial and precocial species at birth
  • The first few hours of a kitten's life
  • Physical development of the young kitten
  • Critical and sensitive periods when learning must take place
  • Socialisation of young kittens
  • The principles of reinforcement and the way cats learn
  • Weaning of kittens and separation from the mother
2. Communication, Behaviour And Psychology
  • Sexual behaviour and the differences between the sexes
  • Courtship and mating
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Types of communication - visual, auditory, chemical, tactile
  • Abnormal behaviour - maladaptive learning, redirected behaviour, stereotypical behaviour, anomalous reactivity
  • Displacement activities
  • Stress in cats and the problems it can cause
  • Indoor territory marking and inappropriate elmination
  • Determining the cause of problem behaviour
  • Techniques for dealing with problems

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