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Entomology - The Study of Insects - Certificate
Entomology The Study of Insects

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Insects are interesting animals and this course serves as a useful introduction for anyone keeping insects or working in an environment where insects are housed.

Course Modules
1. Characteristics of Insects
  • Introduction to the evolution of insects.
  • Insects anatomy including:
  • the head and compound eyes
  • the different mouth parts
  • the types of wings found on the different species
  • the insect's digestive system
  • the respiratory system
  • Insect reproduction
  • Metamorphosis
  • What insects eat
  • What is a 'social insect'
  • The importance of insects in the production of food
  • The control of insects
2. British and World Insects
  • Insects classification.
  • British insects including the following order:
  • Odonata (e.g. the Emperor Dragonfly)
  • Hymonoptera (e.g the Saurfly)
  • Neuroptera (e.g. the Lacewing)
  • Coleoptera (the beetles e.g. the Ladybird)
  • Orthoptera (e.g .Grasshoppers and Crickets)
  • Hemiptera (e.g. the aphid)
  • Diptera (e.g. the flies)
  • Trichoptera (e.g.the Caddisfly)
  • Examples of Butterflies and Moths of Britain
  • Insects across the world including the following orders:
  • Diptera (e.g. the fruit fly)
  • Orthoptera ( e.g. crickets)
  • Coloptera (e.g. Scarab beetles)
  • Blattodea (e.g.termites)
  • Phasmatodea (e.g. stick insects)
  • Examples of Butterflies and Moths of the world

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