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Big Cat Studies - Diploma
Big Cat Studies - Diploma

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The Big Cats are a fascinating, elegant and powerful species.

This course has been written as a result of popular demand, is obviously a subject of great interest to animal lovers and conservationists alike and will hopefully inspire further study of the Big Cats.

Course Modules
1. The Classification and History of the Big Cats
  • What is classification
  • The classification of life
  • Importance of classification
  • History of mammals
  • The Placental mammals
  • The marsupial mammals
  • The monotremes
  • The early carnivores
  • Evolution of the modern cats
  • The evolutionary progress of some of the sabre tooths
  • Today's cats
  • Some of the smaller wild relations
  • Ancestry of the large cats
  • Adaptation
  • The retractable claw
  • The family of felids
2. Lions, Leopards and Tigers
  • Introduction to Panterines
  • History of the lion
  • Habitat of the lion
  • The lion and its adaptability
  • Lion society : lion and lioness
  • Lion territory
  • Breeding
  • The role of the male within a pride
  • History of the leopard
  • Habitat of the leopard
  • The leopards adaptability
  • Leopards: solitary hunters
  • Leopard territory
  • Breeding
  • History of the snow leopard
  • Habitat of the snow leopard
  • Snow leopard's prey
  • Breeding
  • Social life of the snow leopard
  • History of the tiger
  • Habitat of the tiger
  • The tiger and it's adaptability
  • Breeding
  • Tigers: solitary creatures
  • Aggressiveness of tigers
  • Fate of some of sub-species of tigers
  • Enemy of the tiger
  • The History of the Jaguar
  • The jaguar's habitat
  • Jaguar: solitary hunters
  • Male and female jaguars
  • Breeding
3. Pumas, Cheetahs and Lynx
  • Genus Felis: The Puma
  • History of the Puma
  • Appearance of the Puma
  • Prey of the Puma
  • Mating and breeding
  • Hunting and disappearance of the Puma
  • Genus Acinonyx: The Cheetah
  • History of the Cheetah
  • Appearance of the Cheetah
  • Prey of the Cheetah
  • Mating and breeding
  • Hunting and disappearance of the Cheetah
  • Genus Lynx: The Lynx
  • History of the Lynx
  • Eurasian Lynx
  • North American Lynx
  • Spanish Lynx
  • Caracal
4. Form and Function
  • Introduction to form and function of big cats
  • The Head
  • Dentition
  • Working of the carnassials teeth
  • The senses
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • The importance of whiskers
  • The coat and its function
  • The mane
  • Difference of appearance between adults and cubs
  • Movement
  • Claws
5. Big Cat Behaviour
  • Introduction to behaviour
  • Social groups
  • Hunting behaviour
  • Group hunting: Lions
  • Solitary hunting: Cheetahs
  • Hunting methods of leopards, tigers and jaguars
  • The puma's hunting behaviour
  • Territory and the Big Cat
  • Social behaviour
  • Hunting methods and prey
  • Reproduction
  • Finding a mate and courtship
  • The mating process
  • Pregnancy
  • The development of the cubs
  • Risks to cat population
  • Diseases and parasites
6. Threats to Survival and Conservation
  • The Big Cats and their changing environment
  • Climatic pattern on the changing planet
  • Evolution of today's species
  • Extinction
  • Big cats and mankind
  • Mythical abilities to myths and fables
  • Destruction of their natural habitat
  • Legislation: loopholes and protection
  • Conservation
  • Human's responsibility towards the decline of the big cat
  • IUCN
  • Cats in captivity
  • Captive breeding programme
  • Reintroduction programmes
  • Important terms relating to reintroduction
  • Reintroduction and its long term project
  • Alien Big Cats (ABC)

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